The Engine 2 diet is the creation of Rip Esselstyn, a former fires fighter who claims the diet was an integral part of his success as a professional athlete. It is essentially a vegan diet as it eliminates all kinds of meat and animal products. With its motto, “Go Plant Strong!” the diet seeks to meet all nutritional requirements from plant and plant-based products

The Engine 2 diet plan promises better heart, mind and body performance with comprehensive instructions for behavioral change. It aims to improve energy levels through better metabolism by transforming diet habits.

The Process of The Engine 2 Diet Plan

There are two paths to follow in the Engine 2 diet. These are the fire cadet and firefighter. The fire cadet is more gradual in making changes as it systematically replaces foods considered unhealthy with better options through a period of 28 weeks. The firefighter Engine 2 menu dives into substituting the typical items for healthier foods at a go.

Foods on the Engine 2 menu include whole grains, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices and all foods and condiments should be low salt. Off-limits are all meats and animal products (including dairy and eggs), processed, refined and additive added products and oils. Exercise is part and parcel of the program with a structured routine designed to strengthen the heart and body.



  • The diet is heart-healthy and can reverse or prevent common lifestyle diseases
  • There are various support platforms available
  • It is fairly inexpensive to follow


  • It is time-consuming and intensive, requiring great attention
  • It is a major lifestyle change and may be difficult to follow


Who Should Do It

The plan is designed to save the lives of chronic disease victims or those at a risk. It can help lower cholesterol and reverse the effects of heart disease and claims to even have an impact on delaying Alzheimer’s though research is inadequate to support this. The low-fat high fiber diet is definitely good for the heart and can help to achieve better health indicators. The Engine 2 diet plan is also good for anyone who has decided to try veganism as the support and resources can help with a smooth transition.

Meal Plan Ideas


Day 1

Breakfast: Breakfast tacos

Lunch: Portobello mushroom burgers

Dinner: Pasta Primavera


Day 2

Breakfast: Power Smoothie

Lunch: Lemon Basil Pasta

Dinner: Veggie Pizza

Day 3

Breakfast: Lemon Cornmeal Pancakes 

Lunch: Rice Salad with Fennel, Orange and Chickpeas

Dinner: Red Red Stew